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Kaitlyn McKnight is a young adult writer of fantasy and science fiction stories. She is idiosyncratic with a vivid imagination to create stories with magic, mystery, and malevolence. Much like her eccentric personality, her stories are unpredictable and quirky. Her books are appealing to tweens, teens, and adults. She is an amateur pianist, guitarist, and violinist. Sunshine and green grass draws her outside for long hours and she still enjoys playing in the rain.

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Zodiac Sagas has earned Kaitlyn the Readers' Favorite Five Star Seal. I had zero issues with getting invested in The Balance of Power. A lot of it is thanks to the narrative style and how Kaitlyn McKnight tells the story. Lancaster’s story and his development are on point. He is a natural leader, even though he is a little hesitant at times. He knows what he is capable of and what he isn’t. He is not shy about taking help from Sophie, Judah, or Peter, and the three of them are perfect companions who help Lancaster instead of making him feel incompetent. I found the plot very interesting. Their adventures in New York, how they handle the issues they encounter there, and how they work together as a team to get back on track are very entertaining. The plot twists are incredible, the plot moves at a steady pace, and the race against time is precisely what a reader needs to stay invested! I highly recommend this absolutely brilliant novel.

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        Zodiac Saga 1 and 2 


From New York to Seattle, the present to the future, this fun, if messy, sequel to Zodiac Saga 1 takes Lancaster and his gang on a journey to find the Gems in order to help the Elders, the Zodiac gods. But soon after they start, they get severely sidetracked by a series of zany events, such as an unfair trial, crazy weather, silhouette zombies, unhelpful gods and their wily children, and the potential end of the world. By Lancaster’s side are Sofia, Taurus’s daughter; Judas, an undead ghoul; and Peter, the driver. Can Lancaster overcome a constant onslaught of trials and tribulations to uncover the truth about himself, or will the world fall to ruin on his watch?


Kaitlyn is recognized by the NBBF

as an influential, African-American author.

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